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Newly discovered Thargoid structures reveal a puzzle

Newly discovered Thargoid structures reveal a puzzle

After the first discovery of a large Thargoid structure, several more followed. Luckily (or not), several commanders managed to open the inner chamber to reveal yet another puzzle…


Patch 2.3.10 is live and we can visit the Thargoid caves

The first part of the promised Thargoid story, an intro to patch 2.4 is already available on live servers now! The mysterious caves shown for a brief second in one of the last trailers have been located!


Things we learned about patch 2.4 from Lavecon 2017

Frontier has been extremely vague and silent when it comes to the upcoming features in patch 2.4 so many commanders hoped for some reveals during Lavecon. Luckily, we got at least some info.


The creative process behind ship redesigns of New Eden

The latest dev post by CCP gives us a look at the creative process behind imagining and designing ships of New Eden. This time, we join CCP Pointy Bits and explore a few iconic ships of EVE.

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