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X: Rebirth available for OS and Linux

With the release of Update 4.0 and the Home of Light DLC, the X Rebirth OS X and Linux versions finally leave the betatesting phase. To celebrate its full release, the OS X version is from now on available in the Mac App Store.


Home of light & patch 4.0 feature guide

Home of Light opens up three totally new systems for the player to discover. Among them is the central Home of Light, home of the well-known TerraCorp, which helped the system survive the Dark better than other systems. The result is a living and breathing system with a massive economy, many new mission opportunities and places to explore.

Home of light is live together with the free 4.0 patch!

Home of light is live together with the free 4.0 patch!

Egosoft finally released the latest DLC for X: Rebirth! The new expansion named Home of Light brings a lot of eyecandy to the table with 3 brand new systems that boast a steady economy and a huge number of zones to explore or exploit.

Home of Light soundtrack limited discount

Home of Light soundtrack limited discount

To prepare for the big release of the upcoming DLC, Home of Light soundtrack is currently available for pre-orders on iTunes at a special discounted price.

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