Large Cruise Ship


Saud Kruger are famed for their range of luxury passenger vessels. This is their top of the line vessel (although they do offer custom built vessels that are bigger) and is capable of carrying passengers in extreme comfort and elegance. For its size and class it's also quite capable of defending itself.

The Orca is a large ship manufactured by Saud Kruger and is currently one of three known passenger ships, the others being the as of yet unreleased Dolphin and Beluga Liner.

In the current game (v2.02) there is not much difference between a passenger ship and other ships except for the sleek and fashionable design, long windows, and luxurious interior. As a result, it does not currently see much use by players.


Basic info

Manufacturer: Saud Kruger

Dimensions: 130.4L - 50.8W - 22.7H

Landing pad size: Large

Type: Large Cruise Ship

Mass lock factor: 13

Number of seats: 2

Fighter capable: No

Tech specs

Top speed: 300 m/s

Max speed: 348 m/s

Boost speed: 380 m/s

Max boost speed: 441 m/s

Agility: 98

Shields: 220 MJ

Armor: 396

Hull mass: 290 t

Cargo capacity: 72 t

Max cargo: 192 t

Fuel capacity: 32 t

Unladen jump: 7.44 Ly

Max jump: 36.17 Ly


Utility slots: 4

Small hardpoints: -

Medium hardpoints: 2

Large hardpoints: 1

Huge hardpoints: -

Internal compartments

Size 1: 1

Size 2: 2

Size 3: 1

Size 4: 1

Size 5: 3

Size 6: 1

Size 7: -

Size 8: -


Base cost: 48,539,890 Cr

Insurance: 2,426,994 Cr

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