Krait Phantom


With a spacious cargo hold and a relatively generous quantity of hardpoints, the Krait Phantom is a versatile ship suited to a range of roles. It has enough firepower to hold its own against larger targets, and enough straight-line speed to outpace smaller targets. The ship also offers eight internal compartments, allowing the pilot to tailor the ship to their requirements. And while it lacks the firepower and fighter bay of its sister ship, the Krait Mk II, it is both faster and lighter.

The Krait Phantom is a ship manufactured by Faulcon DeLacy. It is a variant of the Krait MkII. Whereas the Krait MkII was conceived as a combat vessel with enough internal compartment flexibility to take on other roles if desired, the Phantom embraces multirole capability at the expense of firepower and internal space. The result is a lighter and faster ship that can nonetheless hold its own in a variety of combat situations, or even be reconfigured into an ideal medium exploration vessel. In a press release announcing the ship's debut, Faulcon DeLacy stated, "The Krait Phantom offers true multi-role capability, allowing it to be customised for combat, mining or trading. And for explorers, its impressive jump range means you really can reach out to the stars. This is a ship that can handle it all."


Basic info

Manufacturer: Faulcon DeLacy

Dimensions: -

Landing pad size: Medium

Type: Multipurpose

Mass lock factor: 17

Number of seats: 2

Fighter capable: No

Tech specs

Top speed: 256 m/s

Max speed: 290 m/s

Boost speed: 358 m/s

Max boost speed: 406 m/s

Agility: 126

Shields: 260 MJ

Armor: 324

Hull mass: 270 t

Cargo capacity: 82 t

Max cargo: 188 t

Fuel capacity: 32 t

Unladen jump: 34.79 Ly

Max jump: 25.00 Ly


Utility slots: 4

Small hardpoints: -

Medium hardpoints: 2

Large hardpoints: 2

Huge hardpoints: -

Internal compartments

Size 1: 1

Size 2: 1

Size 3: 3

Size 4: -

Size 5: 3

Size 6: 1

Size 7: -

Size 8: -


Base cost: 44,139,676 Cr

Insurance: 2,206,984 Cr

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