Cobra Mk. IV


The Cobra MkIV is Faulcon deLacy's development of the famous Cobra MkIII. It's heavier and slower than the MkIII, but packs an extra punch and better weaponry placement makes it a more effective combat vessel. It's tougher to improve survivability and allows better upgrading, but at the expense of some of its agility.

The Cobra MkIV has one more small hardpoint (three small, two medium total) and better hardpoint placement than the previous Cobra MkIII: Two medium hardpoints are located in the same place as on MkIII and three small ones are in a tight group on top of the ship. It is also much slower than the MkIII: even with fully upgraded thrusters it struggles to keep up with a Vulture.

The Cobra MkIV is available for in-game credits to anyone who has individually purchased both Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons before the 5th of Feb 2016 on PC. This also includes Lifetime Expansion pass holders.


Basic info

Manufacturer: Faulcon DeLacy

Dimensions: 33.1L - 48.1W - 8.6H

Landing pad size: Small

Type: Multipurpose

Mass lock factor: 8

Number of seats: 2

Fighter capable: No

Tech specs

Top speed: 200 m/s

Max speed: 228 m/s

Boost speed: 300 m/s

Max boost speed: 342 m/s

Agility: 130

Shields: 120 MJ

Armor: 216

Hull mass: 210 t

Cargo capacity: 34 t

Max cargo: 88 t

Fuel capacity: 16 t

Unladen jump: 9.37 Ly

Max jump: 24.91 Ly


Utility slots: 2

Small hardpoints: 3

Medium hardpoints: 2

Large hardpoints: -

Huge hardpoints: -

Internal compartments

Size 1: 2

Size 2: 2

Size 3: 2

Size 4: 4

Size 5: -

Size 6: -

Size 7: -

Size 8: -


Base cost: 747,660 Cr

Insurance: 38,236 Cr

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